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10 Must-Rock Spring 2017 Trends

Small Delicate Jewelry

Small delicate jewelry is making one BIG statement this spring. So as opposed to the bold, chunkier pieces you might have rocked in past spring seasons, it’s what’s subtle that counts this spring. Think long, thin necklaces and chains, dainty or intricate-looking pendants and earrings, and thin, delicate bangles. Not only will your tired ear lobes and neckline thank you for going lighter, but so will your wallet! Oh, and bonus? You can layer up (see trend # 7) without resembling a gaudy jewelry tree.

Our Picks:

Small Delicate Jewlery

Western-Inspired Style

If you’re old enough to remember the 90’s country trend (as in the Garth Brooks, vest-wearing,  boot-scootin’ boogie kind), this 2017 spring trend might have you just a tad nervous. But the new western look puts a whole new spin cowgirl, with feminine fringe, prairie-inspired floral & bandana prints, romantic ruffles, soft suede and bold metals. The key to infusing this edgy yet romantic look into your wardrobe? Think one Western-inspired top or bottom and an accessory, paired with something more modern like distressed denim.

Our Picks:



Hoops are one of those classic staples that never really go out of style per se, by they are super in this season. Go really round or choose more funky hoops with a little stretch or texture. However you prefer your hoops, their metallic look mixes perfect with this season’s other trends. Here’s to “hoopin” you incorporate them in your looks this spring.

Our Picks:

Hoop Earrings


Calling all 90’s Chicks! If this trend doesn’t take you straight back to the days of My So-Called Life, Courtney Love, and overalls (one strap hanging down, of course), we don’t know what will! But while the 90’s wore a dark, chunky Gothic-inspired choker, this season’s choker is more delicate, soft, and even textured (think fishnet, suede, and thinner metal styles).

Our Picks:



Athleisure— a.k.a. Leggings, of-shoulder sweatshirts, stretchy dresses and comfy kicks —is back for another round—and naturally, our hearts our happy since we just can’t get enough Teeki pants & cozy knits in our lives (and thankfully, they make the whole Sunday morning gym-to-brunch date ridiculously easy…Yay!) As the weather warms up, think less hoodie and more jersey dress + chucks, soft cottony skorts + tees, and fun tanks that make a statement (more on that in Trend #10).

Our Picks:


White Hot

White is the new pastel as far as this season is concerned and it only makes sense—in addition to helping more pale skin that’s been hiding under sweaters all winter look a tad more tan, white is clean, classic, and super chic.  If you’re convinced you can’t wear white because of your skin tone, think white jewelry, jeans, shoes, and even hats that freshen & brighten up your look without washing you out...or stick to a shade of white with a warmer undertone that works better with your skin palette.

Our Picks:

White Hot


Because the Spring 2017 jewelry is all about a more delicate, long, and metallic focus than we’ve seen in past seasons, the layered look is storming the runway–one that not only stacks on the layers but mixes up your metals too. Ropes of bronze & silver-metallic or gold & pewter? Bring it. And string on a playful tassel piece too for some extra flair and texture.

Our Picks:

Layered Jewlery


The nauti look is still on-trend for Spring 2017, with an enhanced focus on bold nautical stripes and the simple act of pairing white with either blue or red. When it comes to prints and accessories, think sailboats, anchors, and all things gorgeous that thrive in the sea.

Our Picks:

Nautical Inspired


Inspired by all things tropical, this Spring 2017 trend moves beyond palm leaves and embraces beautiful bird and feather prints that embody the vibrant beauty of nature in flight. Think colorful, tropical birds like canaries, flamingos, and parrots, along with exotic plume prints & textures in anything from bold dress prints to feather-influenced jewelry and shoes.

Our Picks:

Bird Motifs

Words and Statements

And last but certainly not least is this absolute Spring 2017 MUST: words or statements incorporated casually into your clothing or accessories. Whether you’re feeling sassy, flirty, in dire need of coffee, or stoked for #tacotuesday, match your mood to your statement piece and literally wear your heart on your sleeve...or chest.

Our Picks:

Words & Statements

by Erin Rose