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A Splash Special Edition:

As Turkey Day approaches, so begins the official season of gift giving! Thanksgiving is often the perfect time to celebrate your friends and loved ones with a meaningful gift that shows just how much you appreciate them and their holiday hospitality—or made-from-scratch pumpkin praline pie…

With all of the planning that just holiday dinners alone require, there’s simply no need to get your tinsel in a tizzy when it comes to finding gifts that wow without compromising your gift funds. Check out our top picks for harvest-inspired gifts that are joyous, thoughtful, and in many cases, totally do-able for your budget (shhh...we won’t tell if you don’t).

A Leg-Warming Party

If you’re looking for the gift that brings on the warm fuzzies while still managing to pass as uber cool and brag-worthy, there’s no need to look further than a pair of super snuggly leg warmers from the most loveable lifestyle brand around—Toesox!  

Perfect for ladies who love barre, pilates, yoga, or just cuddling up to their fav Netflix series from the couch, ToeSox Leg Warmers look oh-so-cool as they keep muscles warm & prime for movement...or lounging. Not just a yoga studio trend, these extra looong toeless socks pair perfectly with boots, booties and heels for an instant autumn/winter update to any outfit. This is the gift she’ll turn to over and over again because they’re just that comfy and chic.

Even better, you won’t have to foot a huge bill despite the fact that you’re gifting such a luxurious feeling treat. Because this cuddly foot & leg splurge is more on the personal side, we say pick a toasty style & color and save these tubular textile treats for your mom, sis, niece or bestie.

Gift Ideas Mentioned:

Thigh High Leg Warmers

Sasha Foxy Leg Warmers

Button Knee High Leg Warmers


Spice It Up


Nothing exudes good taste (literally) during giftgiving season than a sampler of savory spices...especially when they come packaged in a swank bamboo display designed to hold six colorful tubes of flavorsome spices that look as fabulous parading out on the kitchen counter as they taste. Whether you’re gifting a host/hostess, an old friend you haven’t seen, since well, last holiday season, or your sister-in-law, this gender neutral gift is sure to delight nearly all of his/her, expert in the kitchen or not. Or, If the object of your affection is more about pampering his/herself in the bathroom than the kitchen, Spice Lab’s bath soaking salts make a delicious relaxation treat for under $10.

Beef it Up: Drop a pretty recipe card in the gift bag that includes the magic formula for the Tex-Mex Quesadillas recipe they’ve been after you for for years, or a zesty meal that incorporates at least half of the included spices: Ground Nutmeg, Herbes De Provence, Dried Parsley, Sweet Hungarian Paprika, Crushed Chili Peppers and Ground Turmeric.

Gift Ideas Mentioned:

The Spice Lab The Chef's Spice Sampler Collection

Spice Lab Bath Salts


Festive Fragrances

Nothing is more giftworthy than candles, diffusers and other sweet-smelling indulgences—especially when they’re gorgeously arranged in their own delightful packaging. Effortless yet elegant, a bauble that effuses the exquisite aromas of the holiday season is sure to elicit a reaction of genuine gratitude. This fall season, we’re smitten with three noteworthy brands that smell amazing, look exclusive and feel indulgent...even in spite of the $15-30 price point. An added benefit? Should your giftee happen to receive more than one, there’s always room in their home for another!



Tyler Candle Company

Choose from nine festive scents ranging from rich, creamy Eggnog to the lighter, fruitier Frosted Pomegranate—and without breaking your holiday budget. These 11 - 22oz candles will burn up to 60 hours, providing light and holiday cheer the whole season long.

Gift Ideas Mentioned:

Tyler Candle Company Holiday Candle - 11 oz  

Tyler Candle Company Holiday Candle - 22 oz  

Tyer Candle Company Glamorous Gift Set in Mulled Cider  

Tyler Candle Company Holiday Reflective Candle

Capri Blue

Always a Splash favorite, Capri Blue has gone fancy for the holiday season with a festive pink peppermint or green metallic jar. Choose from a seasonal blend of vanilla, peppermint, sandalwood, juniper and cashmere musk, or go more traditional without losing the ever-awesome sugared citrus and tropical fruit-inspired Volcano scent! If you can’t get enough of these fan-favorite scents and wish to pass them on in festive good cheer, or wow the person in your life who prefers classic scents over seasonal, these best-loved candles, wrapped in a metallic green or peppermint pink glaze are it!

Gift Ideas Mentioned:

Capri Blue Holiday Collection in Pink Peppermint Metallic Jar

Capri Blue Volcano in Green Metallic Holiday 


From copper pots and Moscow-mule-inspired mugs to festive tins and crackling wooden wick candles, the Thymes Collection has something for every taste...and sense of smell!

Friends who pine after the scent of Balsam Fir will adore Thyme’s Northwoods Poured Candles, complete with a rustic wooden design and a real wood wick that gives that naturally calming sound of a crackling fire. Or perhaps some “Simmered Cider” or Gingerbread in an artsy tin shaker or artisan copper pot is more their style. And if you’re unsure, you can never go wrong with an irresistible Hot Cocoa Poured Candle, though you may have to resist the urge stop for hot chocolate at Starbucks on the way home, as you choose among Milk Cocoa, Peppermint Cocoa and Hot Cocoa (decisions, decisions). Our most favorite Thymes treat this season? The Gilded Scented Pomander that fills the room with Fraser Fir while looking stately as it hangs in good cheer from a doorknob or tree branch or nestles on the fireplace mantle.

Gift Ideas Mentioned:

Thymes Simmered Cider Collection

Thymes Frasier Fir Collection

Thymes Northwoods Collection

Thymes Hot Cocoa Poured Candles

Cozy Cashmere

If she’s been especially good to you and you really want to show your appreciation, nothing says “You’re Amazing” like cashmere. With our expansive dress topper collection by Alashan Cashmere Company—ranging from neutral “dune” to bold “boysenberry”—you don’t need to remember her size...or worry that it might be too snug or loose. These one-size-fits-all cashmere wraps will drape perfectly over her fall knits. Even better, they can be worn four different ways, and we’re pretty sure she’ll want to try them all as she rocks this exceptional gift occasion after occasion. Not sure which color? You can’t go wrong with camel, mink or the ever-classic ebony.

Gift Ideas Mentioned:

Alashan Cashmere Company Dress Toppers


Kitschy Kool


Who can resist a fun set of witty dishtowels or holiday decor that literally lights up the room? If you’re feeling especially merry, treat your friends and family to a touch of whimsy from Primitives by Kathy: a fun line of coffee mugs, dish towels, cards, string lights, box signs and more, designed to fill a tabletop with good style and humor, whether it’s aimed at football, food or motherhood. If the object(s) of your affection happens to hold Halloween as their most beloved of holidays, why not surprise them with the gift of bewitching towels or jack-o-lantern lights? You’ll be the gifter who truly gets them and knows that THAT is the most important gift of all…  

Gift Ideas Mentioned:

Primitives by Kathy Dish Towel Collection

Primitives by Kathy Box Sign Collection

Primitives by Kathy Halloween Collection

Primitives by Kathy String Lights


Tub and Shower Treats


The gift of perfumed soaps, bubble baths or sweets for their skin is an indulgent way to delight your recipient without blowing your budget. At just $10, Finchberry’s vast collection of Vegan Soaps—ranging from fragrant florals like Rosey Posey and Sweetly Southern (honeysuckle) to fruity scents like Cranberry Chutney and Apple-y Ever After are as artful as they are fragrant, and they’re handcrafted from shea butter, organic coconut, olive and palm oil, making a super skin softening treat during the winter months. Speaking of coconut oil, Skinny & Co’s 100% raw, cold-pressed coconut oil makes for a sweet hair or skin treat and makes a luxurious feeling gift for just over $10. Thymes Body Lotions always feel extra indulgent, as does the smell plums, green lotus and warn sake, bottled in beautiful Asian-inspired perfume bottle.

Gift Ideas Mentioned:



Lotus Sake Eau de Perfume by Tokyomilk

Finchberry Vegan Soap Collection

Skinny & Co Coconut Oil Gifts

Body Lotion by Thymes



by Erin Rose